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Lauren said she is a “more mature and focused person” now “who knows what she wants and is treating every day as a blessing.”“I have such a positive feeling about the show mainly because of the continued love from viewers,” she said.“I was caught off guard by it back then when it aired, I wasn’t expecting it I guess. For the personal comments, messages and letters that I receive. My heart has been filled by this love and support and I am so so blessed. When I look back I don’t think about the actual show actually, I think about the overall experience and the gift that it was.”Lauren is currently at work on her more affordable line, Bronson by Lyon, which will hopefully be more in the price-point of most fans.

Follow Kiyomi: @Kiyomance, Vero continued to tour with Hunter Valentine but left the band in February 2013 to work on her solo act.“I’ve relocated twice in the past year from NYC to Minneapolis and now Nashville where I’ve been focusing on songwriting and teaming up with other writers and musicians,” Vero said.Lauren is a jewelry designer whose brand, Lyon, has become popular with the young Hollywood crowd. Now that it is over, they just want to know when the next season will be! I am much more focused on helping others as a huge priority in life.Kelly Osborne recently flaunted some black diamond rings from Lyon on the pages of the glitzy fashion rag . What was it like to share that intimate part of your life on TV? Lauren: There is no way to really describe being filmed in these areas. I am a really open person, though, so I didn't feel vulnerable; it was a really freeing time in my life. Before, charity work was just a part, with my line of bracelets, and now it is a focus.I’m also so lucky to have been able to give advice to girls around the world who have struggles with their sexuality or family. Follow Lauren: @1laurenrussell just this past summer where they lost bandmate Aimee Bessada, who decided to leave the band to pursue a solo career.Although they didn’t win the record deal with Linda Perry, Kiyomi and Laura have continued to work with the producer on their new album, which they hope to release in the latter part of 2015.