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In early 2000, during Bledel's freshmen year, she was cast in a new WB comedy-drama series, .

alum shared her very “professional” edit with fans on Instagram on Thursday (August 17).

Danielle isn't the first transgender actress to star in a prison drama.

Credits can be earned in various ways or, if wanted, you can buy them. Alexis is an easy site to predict the future for - just keep updating and it will be great.

That is because Miss Texas is a gorgeous and awesome star across a number of genres and practically any content she appears in is almost certain to be great.

In a household headed up by her Mexican mother, Nanette, and Argentine father, Martin, Bledel's childhood was shaped by a multicultural upbringing where Spanish was often spoken around the kitchen table.

As a young girl, Bledel attended Houston's St. She was known for her shyness and in an effort to help her become more of an extrovert, Bledel's mother got her daughter involved in community theater.