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If you need to modernize your home’s electrical system, the experienced local electricians from Electric Masters will get an accurate report and recommend the best way to upgrade your home’s wiring system.If you still have a fuse box, you may be at risk for a potential fire due to an outdated wiring system.

If so, then upgrading your electrical panel or breaker box could be the right solution for you. If you answered yes to any of these questions we can help!We're online often, and I can see us cooking and doing the laundry while we work in the evening with the heater on, but is 200 AMPS necessary?What can you electronically-proficient Wizards tell me to keep me from getting swindled? I left my house at 100 amps, and haven't had a problem of any kind.We offer many different electrical services for your home that can update your wiring system and provide you the power you need: • Fuse box to breaker box upgrades • Wiring assessment and replacement of current system • Fuse to breaker conversion • 120/240 volt circuits Tired of replacing blown fuses? Electric Masters installs copper component load centers (i.e.breaker boxes) that come with a 6 years parts and labor warranty and a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on the load center and breakers.