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which village, do they continue to farm, how many brothers and sisters do you have, etc..)An offensive subject would be anything that strikes at their national pride.Also people have religious sentiments so discussions on religion are best avoided until one is versed in those sensitivities.Bangladeshis always have positive and welcome attitude towards foreigner and openness to Hospitality.Establishment of personal relationship by one-to-one basis is important.They wanted to spread their influence in the field of trade and economy in South Asia.Though the traders had economic motives when they arrived, soon they took interest in the local politics.The Portuguese, Dutch, French and British came one by one into this region.

It is better to avoid satire and have patience to listening and appreciations without any possible counter point.

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If you can’t rely on your intuition to tell who to trust you may play too safe and miss out on opportunities to meet really genuine people.

Signs that someone is trustworthy There are signs you can look out for to let you know that a match is trustworthy.