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The GOA has a diameter of only 48 mm and a high contrast display of 35 mm .

It is a scuba diving/apnea watch-computer of extremely reduced dimensions .

The mask is designed so that the integrated face and frame allow for an extremely hydrodynamic and compact shape and a particularly wide lens, maintaining the mask extremely close to the face.

Cressi’s Calibro combines minimal internal volume with a phenomenal field of view due to the raked angle of...

Optional monogrammed initials add an extra personal touch.

Whether it’s an extra pair to go with your favorite suit or something to wear casually, our Design Your Own feature has a wide selection of fabrics, colors and fits meaning you can design exactly what you’re looking for.

Why put yourself through such an exhausting search, when we have the creme de la creme of black singles just waiting to meet you?When Andrew Blackmon and Patrick Coyne launched The Black Tux in 2013, they did so with the intent of helping men suit up without setting foot in a Men’s Wearhouse.The goal was to upgrade suit and tuxedo rentals by introducing higher quality garments and placing an emphasis on fit, qualities that Blackmon says the market was severely—and surprisingly—lacking.Recently, The Black Tux unveiled a new and improved fit algorithm that claims to accurately predict how a suit should be tailored, based solely on the measurements customers provide online.The secret sauce: machine learning, built on a robust data set accrued over the past few years.