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The prominence of texting in our daily lives has added a new layer to all types of relationships, especially our romantic ones.

The huge problem with texting, however, is who really knows the dos and don'ts of the texting game?

By clicking on ‘Profile,’ you can verify your cell phone number and Facebook account, and you can update the rest of your profile to include your interests, about me, relationship status, appearance, etc.

If you’re using a mobile device, it may take some time to fill out your profile.

”A young girl types: “If my BF doesn’t like me to be loud during sex but I can’t help it, what am I supposed to do?

It’s not even in the heat of sexting, it’s almost a conversation starter for some guys, like a coffee table book; a horrible, flaccid coffee table book.

Here’s what NOT to do: If you must send a picture, keep it from the waist up unless specifically asked.

There goes the phone again.“Why do guys think it’s cool to sleep with a girl and tell their friends?

”James Martin, the staff member who has text-line duty this week, is 31, married and the father of a toddling son. How to offer comfort, clarity and hope in just a few sentences? “Mostly it’s because they believe that having sex makes them cool,” he types, adding, “Most guys outgrow that phase.”The Birds and Bees Text Line, which the center started Feb.