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But they have been keeping her feet toasty for most of her life and they're not about to stop now. Those running shoes, i Phone charger, and two mix CDs with covered in Sharpie writing just mean she's sporty, busy, and has the best girlfriends in the world.

Fun fact: Midwestern women are known to own and operate normal cars. Not to say I don't want that someday, but don't assume it's my life goal. Taking her to the Olive Garden will always be a slam-dunk date. And no one — judge her by what is permanently in the back seat of her car.

Fail to send her the info about your family reunion twice, you're about to get the silent treatment for, like, six days.5. She throws herself into everything — work, relationships, winter is like and can handle the cold. After a billion summers at the lake, she knows sometimes the most fun is had with a huge group of people in ~*~u Nk No Wn t Er Ri To Ry~*~.8. A camping trip will always trump a five-star hotel.

That said, please do not say, "But you're from the Midwest, aren't you used to this? She grew up on road trips and knows that the best way to get to know someone is to be their lookout while they pee in the woods.

But thanks to , a 1967 landmark Supreme Court case, today’s Halles, Paulas, and Imans needn’t hide their affections for their fair-skinned lovers. Today, a record-high 87 percent of Americans approve of Whites and Blacks tying the knot, according to Gallup. In 1995, 68 percent of Blacks approved while only 45 percent of Whites did the same.

It’s been 47 years since interracial marriage was given the green light. Today, the approval gap is at its smallest — 96 percent of Blacks are a-okay with interracial marriages compared to 84 percent of Whites.

This number is used to uniquely identify that animal for the duration of its time in the facility, and will be used on genotyping records, cage cards, etc. Record the following on each breeder card: -Madison Transgenic Animal Facility offers strain rederivation and embryo or sperm cryopreservation on campus for a low cost. See Policy 2010-038-v - Genotyping of Mice and Rats Transnetyx is a molecular diagnostics company that offers an automated genotyping system for Transgenic, knockout and knockin mouse strains.

Contact Jody Peter for help with improving breeding performance or training for procedures such as tissue collection for genotyping and identification.

And don't forget the extensive lists of dog names by breed, theme, gender, popular culture, and other categories.Make sure and check the homepage for breaking news articles and features covering the latest happenings in the dog world, product and food recalls, important legislation, and other information that impacts dog owners. Founded in 2007, Dog Time is located in San Francisco.Dog Time believes in giving back to the animal community, and in 2013 donated over ,000 to rescues and shelters through various grants and contests, including the Petties Awards, where the best in animal blogging is selected by the peer community. (June 30 – July 2) Alf 82-16 NNRR is sired by Caskey 4489 Intrigue (a Final Edition son) who was the 2nd place February ram lamb in the 2014 NAILE open show.His dam, Alf 13-11 is out of the most consistent and prominent genetic line in our flock, a line that traces back to the Gordeneer 245 ewe that we purchased in Sedalia many years ago.