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Before he knew it, his maternal grandmother died from brain cancer.

He has also returned to his 39-year-old partner of 25 years, Jo Mas.

Jenkins takes clichés about addiction, drugs, poverty, violence and homophobia in black America, and changes their context by shading familiar situations and archetypes of black life with careful detail and texture.

— Simran Hans Trust Verhoeven to venture where most wouldn’t dare: a psychological rape-revenge fantasy thriller with jump-out-of-your-skin attack moments orchestated to a pounding score, and laced with comedy throughout.

He adopts a new, entrepreneurial persona: ‘Toni Erdmann’.

Ade’s structural panache and nose for a perfect take (I hear she shot 500 hours of material) are matched by the actors’ comic timing.” — Nick James, reporting from Cannes in our July 2016 issue A film about the complexity of black masculinity and the very human hunger for connection; about the fragility that lies beneath a man’s swagger – what it means to be ‘soft’ and what it means to be strong…