Personal fitness trainer client dating

Contrary to some other answers, if the client and trainer are both single and mutually attracted, then IMO, I usually don’t see a problem with the two dating.However, once a client and trainer go down that road, things will never be the same between them again.A hard session leaves you wide open on the looks front, too: stringy hair, wet patches, grunting like a warthog. That’s a sure-fire way to overstep those boundaries.You look like s***, and your PT doesn’t even grimace. “If you’re lacking confidence, sharing sensitive details is a big emotional hurdle to overcome, but can create intimacy,” says psychologist James Lamper. READ: 3 Moves To Boost Your Pelvic Floor & Your Libido It’s standard to text your PT to say what you’ve eaten, or when you’re working out. Reader Rosie Smith had a near marital mishap, and it was down to her PT.I’m breathless, sweaty and there’s a beast of a man with my head in his hands, telling me I’m beautiful. So why, when it comes to PTs, can’t we help ourselves? We also ask them questions about themselves, but that’s only because we need to find out about their lifestyles in order to train them better.” And it’s this attention to your details that can blur the lines, as 60% of you attested, saying it was their undivided attention that was the biggest draw for having a PT.

For a client who feels lonely and/or neglected, this attention and touch feels really good.

So every January, health club memberships spike, with new memberships doubling at many gyms.

Studies show that roughly half of us who start a new exercise program will drop out within six months.

The importance of trust in rapport-based relationships has been acknowledged by experts across a wide variety of fields.

The American Council on Exercise, which has certified more than 55,000 personal trainers and health coaches to date, uses rapport as the foundation for all exercise science.