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No matter what you currently believe, The Maternal Dilemma will surprise you with new insight.

Will it ever be possible to balance work and motherhood?

People who post in NSA categories are either seeking a one night stand fling or something on going without commitment. It's for people who do not want a relationship but still want to have sex. It's for people who want to have sex without having a romantic relationship.

A "One Night Stand" is when you meet up with someone once to have sex and then you never see them again. A "Casual Encounter" is basically a one night stand. Friends With Benefits (FWB) is when two friends have Casual Sex with no commitment.

Travel to Finland for the annual wife-carrying contest celebrating the capture of women from other villages.

follow the rise of feminism, from turn-of-the-century suffragettes to the National Organization for Women.

A "Love Triangle" is when a group of three people are involved in a romantic relationship together.This covenant or pact between God and Abraham was sealed through the act of circumcision.Today, by performing the act circumcision, Jews perpetuate the covenant and make their children a part of that eternal promise.In return, God promised to guarantee the survival of Abraham's progeny – the family of Hebrews that became the nation of Israel that have since been known as the Jews.As long as there would be human beings in the world, God assured Abraham, there would always be Jews.