Mandating overtime and patient safety

CHS nurses were required to work nearly 1,500 hours of mandatory overtime during the first six months of 2015 alone.

“This is a monumental win not only for the nurses of CHS-Northside but for the community CHS-Northside serves.

No longer will nurses be burdened with exhaustion and the accompanying worry of making a mistake,” stated Eric Williams, President of the Youngstown General Duty Nurses Association, a local union of the Ohio Nurses Association who represents the nurses at CHS-Northside.

“And soon, members of the community will no longer have to worry if they will receive the proper care and attention they deserve because of CHS-Northside running a skeleton crew of nurses who are worked around the clock.” Many studies have looked at the relation between nurses’ hours worked and the effect on patient care.

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – After months of inadequate nurse staffing and concerns over patient safety, the nurses of CHS-Northside, represented by the Ohio Nurses Association, and the community are celebrating an end to the overuse of mandatory overtime at Community Health System’s Northside Medical Center.

As a short-term solution to this problem, they commonly have staff nurses work overtime.Mandatory overtime contributes heavily to nurse fatigue and practice errors that in turn jeopardize patient care.The decision puts a 33 hour cap on CHS-Northside’s use of the practice.In other words, mandatory overtime is legal for most employees.If you don’t like how many hours your boss makes you work, you’re only viable option is to quit.