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In the same timeframe, Tom Brady has just two games with a passer rating over 100.While the statline doesn't always tell the story, this time the numbers do not lie.

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Flacco was a good recruit out of Audubon High, but unlike the quarterbacks drafted directly behind him, Brian Brohm and Chad Henne, he never drew lavish attention from Southern California or Florida or Michigan.There were simply too many incomplete passes, unrecognized open receivers and inexcusable interceptions in 2016. The question is whether the Ravens should even want to be a quick-strike passing offense.They’re at their best when the running game is their top focus. Maclin is polished but, in and of himself, not a significant difference-maker.Veteran backup Ryan Mallett is the starter until Flacco returns.Dustin Vaughan and Josh Woodrum are the other quarterbacks on the roster.