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For more information see the Ministry of Consumer Affairs money transfer scams web page.

These tell you that you have won a prize in a lottery you haven't entered.

If a fly's eye can see without hundreds of fancy lenses, and termite mounds can stay cool in the desert without air conditioning, it stands to reason that nature can teach us a thing or two about technology and innovation.

In Adapt, Amina Khan explores the exciting new science of biomimicry, which shows how we can borrow designs from nature to solve complex problems.

But you have to pay money to the operators before they will release the money.

For more information see the Ministry of Consumer Affairs lottery and competition scams web page.

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This long-running scam offers you a percentage of millions of dollars in exchange for an up-front fee and letting the sender use your bank account to transfer the funds from where they are currently held.

The Nigerian letter has many variations, and despite its name can come from anywhere in the world.

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