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Dependency and neediness are not attractive qualities, so don’t assume anyone can meet all your needs or desires. The basis for a healthy relationship is friendship.

It is your responsibility to be all you can be when you enter a relationship.

It’s important to be flexible whenever possible, while maintaining the values, integrity and standards that are important to you. Trust your intuition, which is that part of you with knowledge vital to your well-being.

This internal antenna continually sends you messages and if anything or anyone makes you feel uneasy, don’t ignore it. Successful relationships are built on mutual respect.

This episode covers many hard-to-understand aspects of Medicare including enrollment choices, coverage anomalies, enrollment penalties, Medigap policies, Part D drug plans, Medicare Advantage choices, plus much more.

All these can be done either with a subscription at a gym or workout center, at a community center, or for those who prefer privacy, at home, with some equipment (not even mandatory). It is the wagon off which one is likely to fall before ANYTHING ELSE.

And I commend you for putting yourself out there on the Internet. At age 60, the ratio is not four or five women to each available man, but closer to three-to-one. So, although the ratio is daunting, it’s not quite as bad as you have suggested.

Since you asked for my opinion, I will comment on five items. Plus, the lack of men doesn’t appear to be your problem.

Identify your feelings of anger, hurt, pain, guilt, and disillusionment and accept these feelings as lessons learned. In other words, be friends first before you open the door to the physical and emotional closeness that is so essential to a solid partnership. You must be flexible, objective and fair in your expectations, so you don’t set yourself up for pain and disappointment. Be able to communicate effectively by encouraging open, honest dialogues.

“I have a full life with friends (even male friends) and activities.

I do volunteer work and take salsa and square dance classes.

Within the next 20 years, we will see something human history has never seen before.

By 2030, there will be more people over 60 years old than there are people age 20 and under. There will be new options and avenues for health care and health maintenance.