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This is needed because our dating platform is no longer managed by World By bringing back dating to Ghana Web, we want to offer a dating experience adapted to the Ghana taste and culture.The contact details of the responsible Swiss representation are shown on the corresponding page.Swiss citizens who get into difficulties abroad, also can ask for advice and help from the Swiss representative.This situation demands an increased level of responsibility on the part of those parents who refrain from registering their children’s births as well as on the part of the state, which should do all it can to restore the rights of those children whose births were not registered.A birth can be registered by “the father or mother, a close relative, the midwife, doctor, hospital matron or any other person who attended the birth, or else (…) by the person on whose premises the woman gave birth” (Article 51 of Senegal’s Family Code).

Other children are the victims of swindlers who pose as government officials and give out fake birth registration numbers in exchange for money (africatime).

A birth can also be registered by the neighbourhood representative, the village chief, or the public prosecutor.

Regardless of when the decision is made to register the child’s existence, there is always a clear procedure to follow depending on the circumstances.

Children have the right to have their births registered and it falls to parents to respect this right, which is enshrined in article 51 of Senegal’s Family Code.

Section 2 of the Code, which dates from 1972, states: “Every birth must be declared to the appropriate authority within one month”.

Dating site banned from registering in senegal