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But have you heard this: “Wives who spend couple time with their husbands at least once a week are 3.5 times more likely to enjoy above average levels of sexual satisfaction, compared to wives who have couple time less than once a week?” Likewise, “Husbands who spend more couple time with their wives are 3.3 times more likely to enjoy above-average levels of satisfaction, compared to their peers who have couple time less than once a week.” When Pastors capture this notion of helping couples become intentional about increasing couple time, they are essentially helping them increase their happiness and sexual satisfaction.Comm That's all I can account for in my situation at least.I completely lack domestic skills (well, I can, my figure is less than hourglass (or more than hourglass), I don't play an instrument, I live in jeans and t-shirts, have one of those volcanic "Sgt.Tyndale House Publishers has decided it will not go ahead with the scheduled release of a book by former New Spring Pastor Perry Noble, who was recently fired for alcohol addiction and other "unfortunate choices and decisions."The former South Carolina megachurch pastor's latest book, "We plan to review this status at a future date and then evaluate the viability of releasing this book at another time," Margie Watterson was quoted as saying.She added that other titles by Noble will remain available for sale. As for how they met, Jamal says he bumped into her while walking through Times Squares on his way to an Oprah Winfrey movie premiere last year. Pastor Bryant made the announcement that Tweet is the new lady in his life and that he plans on making her his “last lady” on a new episode of “The Preachers” that airs today.

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Dating is just what you do on the weekend so you don't have to binge-watch shows on Netflix.

Today's fast hook-up culture has created a wasteland of emotionally damaged people.

This book is written around the eleven questions that can transform your perspective on dating — and a 'half' question that people should be asking but are not."On July 9, New Spring Church Executive Pastor Shane Duffey announced Noble's removal to the congregation during the worship service, saying that while it was "the most difficult and painful decision we've had to make, unfortunately it was necessary." He added, "Perry has made some unfortunate choices and decisions that have caused us much concern."About three weeks later, Noble checked into a treatment center to begin his journey to recovery."Well hello, I wanna say 'hey' to my Facebook family and let you know that I'm doing good.

By Tim Popadic It makes sense that couples who create more “couple time” appear to foster higher-quality and more stable marriages.

Recent reports indicate that couple time is indeed associated with higher levels of satisfaction in the areas of communication, sex, and marital commitment for both husbands and wives.