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At one point Gong Yoo looks at the cameraman and asks "Isn't she pretty? " to which the 27-year old Kim Go-eun smiles, visibly embarrassed by the compliment from her co-star.

The actors do adlibs and laugh almost throughout the’s a real, legit group that they formed themselves. but GD is already hot, so babe you don’t need to get one ❤ oh, & of course you know this dude: Kwon Jiyong aka G-Dragon; 1988, Leader/Rapper of BIG BANG – my soulmate.I REPEAT: just a group of friends, nothing more, nothing less. you recognize 2 of ’em cuz you come by here everyday, & some of em you’ve seen in those random pix of GD hanging out in the streets with at night. INFO TAKEN FROM OFFICIAL NUTHANG THREAD; credit: Rachel [email protected] Stage Name : Model Lee Soohyuk, Actor Lee Hyuksoo Real Name : Lee Hyuksoo Date of Birth : May 31st, 1988 Height : 185 Cm Weight : 62 Kg Occupation : Model, Actor Experience (As Model) : GQ magazine, Elle magazine, General Idea Collection Fashion Show (2006), Seoul Collection Fashion Show (2007), Sweet Revenge Model, etc. he’s in multiple pictures w/ gd and/or hyuksoo, like the one where GD was at the movies or summin. Song Kyungil : 1987, model one of the lesser known – but he’s HOT. they’re hot, they’re stylish, they’re tall, they’re thin, they’re nuthang.formed : 070211* NUTHANG: i’ts pronounced “NEW THANG” aka 누땡. well-known in Korea, this group of close friends consist of 12 guys; some FAMOUS, some MODELS, & some are normal citizens.