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Franz, who had previously starred as both Lt Norman Buntz and Detective Sal Benedetto on Bochco's Eighties cop show Hill Street Blues, plays one of the best television detectives ever.Franz, who had served 11 months with the 82nd Airborne Division in Vietnam, came late to acting and was utterly believable as the recovering alcoholic cop. at 156 Greenwich Street opened in 1910, abolished 1918, "closed for lack of business." in 1927, Precinct 2-A was re-established in the building later renamed 2nd Pct., abolished in 1951 also used for offices of the Hack Bureau and the Division of Licenses information and photo courtesy John Reilly, NYPD Retired old 7th Pct. station house (circa 1953) 253 Mercer Street off W. in 1924 and the 7th in 1929 demolished after 1973 information and photo courtesy John Reilly, NYPD Retired 8th Pct.Although Sipowicz could be a hot-tempered bully and a bigot, he was also a dedicated and shrewd detective and a man who finds a path of redemption by overcoming his prejudices and quitting drinking. Gordon Clapp was terrific as Medavoy – a walking bundle of neuroses, with an unerring ability to put his foot in his mouth – and there were strong women detectives, too, especially Detective Diane Russell (Kim Delaney).Plot lines tended to add up (sometimes ending a little too cosily) and the dialogue, occasionally with profanities, crackled along.He then blew his brains out on a nearby G train platform.

If you have any questions on how or when to complete a form, please call the Candidate Relations Desk at 718-312-4226.John Reilly, NYPD Retired A platoon turning out at the old 12th Precinct station house at 205 Mulberry St.In 1871 the NYCPD built a House of Detention for Witnesses at No. 205 Mulberry Street a new station house for the 14th Pct. The following year effective December 1, 1916, the 12th Pct. After the precinct was abolished the police department used the building as a storehouse. Lawrence Patterson who was a Medal of Honor winner in 1899. Today the building is Manhattan Safety Headquarters.NYPD Blue co-creator Milch developed an idiosyncratic dialogue style that used real cop lingo.A Brooklyn cop is fighting for his life after he was dragged for more than two blocks by a 15-year-old boy in a stolen vehicle.