Chad ochocinco dating show

A rep for Norman tells us the two are just friends and did not take a trip together.

Diane Kruger and Norman Reedus just moved past rumored fling status to romantic road trip couple. Kruger and "The Walking Dead" star have been tight since early 2016 -- even before she split from Joshua Jackson -- but now it looks like they've taken the next step.

According to TMZ, the two of them have been together for two months now, and Torrei fell for the “Notorious” actor while they were working on .

The two starred in that project together, and Torrei co-produced while Woolard executive produced.

As much as I loathe this violent, misogynistic, controlling, self-worshiping man — who got the boot from Jo Jo this week after admitting he threatened to beat up the other contestants — he fascinates me to no end.

"I am self taught, I am very proud, I can be too condifent [sic] sometimes but generally I'm just a cool fun guy that is relaxed around people." Just like Donald Trump, basically.

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She also took to Instagram to share details about her latest doctor's appointment.

I believe that trading time for money is the dumbest thing you can do. I utilize my ideas to make money and I love it." Don't work to achieve your dreams, idiots. "I had almost met the requirements for my associates [degree] with plans of plastic surgery.

I was devistated [sic]." Okay, that's actually pretty sad.

Torrei has been divorced from Hart since 2011, and the two are on good terms now after a rough split.

super-villain Chad Johnson, it's hard to look away.