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Imagine Greg waking up to 17 missed calls from that girl named Vanessa he took out to dinner twice; all because she saw him talking to another girl at a bar. In some cases, both of you might agree that you want to keep it casual but not see other people. But what if John and Becca haven't established if it's okay or not okay to see other people, then Becca gets asked out on a date? In Becca's case, she shouldn't say no on account of John.Or imagine you're Vanessa, who thinks she just saw her new boyfriend Greg macking on another girl. Establish you are on the same page from the get-go. In other cases, you might agree that you both want to play the field and keep your options open. If Becca wants to say no, it should be for her own reasons.It's less than a relationship because there is no commitment or conversations about your future together.Casual dating is supposed to be fun, light, and usually temporary. There are so many gray areas, the only thing you know for sure is what their name and number is.Dear Lauren, I met this guy (a professional surfer! Things got a little crazy and we ended up sleeping with each other that night. Relationships don’t need to last in order for them to have value. It has nothing to do with how pretty, charming, smart, or sexy you are. You mentioned that this type of rejection gets to you emotionally. Here are two: One: you can come into the fling with zero expectations of the other person, fully living in the moment, and fully prepared to move on after you part. Contrary to popular opinion, men don’t move on from casual affairs because they’re douche bags and they can’t keep their dick in their pants.Then we met up at the bar the next night and ended up in bed again. It has nothing to do with something you said that he might have misunderstood or took offense to. They move on because YOU haven’t taken the time to nurture a connection with them. It’s the first thing they think of when they see a beautiful woman.If one of you is hoping your dating situation turns into a relationship, and the other is just interested in having fun, there's now different expectations.This sort of difference in expectations is what causes things to get very messy, very fast. This goes hand in hand with being on the same page, and it varies case by case.

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-Julia Hi Julia, You did nothing “wrong,” as long as your intention was to have a super fun casual hook up. John Gray says, “ When a guy comes on to you, it’s flattering.

They have been loaned to us temporarily for the purpose of loving them and instilling a foundation of values on which their future lives will be built. The way people wear clothes makes them stylish, rather than the clothes themselves.

I know what gear I'm hitting it in when I'm coming around the corner and where I need to downshift. Casual, comfortable and boyish is how I'd describe my look.

He is a bro living in the same world you are, and he’s (probably) not an idiot.

This means that he either 1) is on the same page as you and returns your feelings or 2) doesn’t really give a shit but enjoys the sex.