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School and college friends; theater friends; work friends and, eventually, mom friends.

There are overlaps among all the aforementioned groups, but one particular subset has easily become the weirdest and most lovely I've encountered: .

(And luckily my parents don’t read these articles so I’m able to avoid hearing someone call “bullsh*t” on my view of events.) Even though I was mostly an awesome and angelic teen, I’m not all that well-behaved as a single mom.

I'm definitely not inferring that you can'ttalk about these issues with friends and family members who aren't parents or who didn't choose or where able to breastfeeding.Considering I don't have too many IRL mom friends, I really have to thank the internet for providing me with my breastfeeding tribe.Internet, sometimes you suck, what with all the racist memes and ranting uncles on Facebook who don't realize is satire, but every now and then you really deliver.Breastfeeding isnt always easy to learn how to do, especially in the beginning. Collaborative Group on Hormonal Factors in Breast Cancer. Breastfeeding effects on intelligence quotient in 4- and 11-year-old children. And if your baby has complications such as delivery via c-section or suctioning at birth, it can be even more difficult. It is an incredible bonding experience for both mother and baby. Breast cancer and breastfeeding: collaborative reanalysis of individual data from 47 epidemiological studies in 30 countries, including 50302 women with breast cancer and 96973 women without the disease.