Battlefield bad company 2 weapons and gadgets not updating

The game takes place in the modern era, with the continuing fictional conflict between the USA and Russia.This time the Russians are invading through Alaska and the game takes places largely on the western coast of the Americas.Bad Company 2 for that time of FPS gamers was a leap of innovation of its kind.If you truly consider yourselves a Battlefield series fan, you cannot really claim so without playing this one.This page is all about the game Battlefield: Bad Company 2, mostly the PC version.

Basically, the gang from Bad Company (Marlowe, Sweetwater, Sarge and Haggard) have uncovered that a superweapon, originally activated during Operation Aurora in WW II, has reappeared.

EA launched many battlefield titles after that, but every game till date, even the latest, Battlefield 1 is compared to this old beauty.

It is still kind of milestone, a benchmark for the all battlefield lovers.

The Russians are planning to use it to wipe out America's power grid, leaving them defensless, and easy to attack. As I said, it's an average plot, but it's made better by the constant banter between the gang of BC.

It's not quite as funny and witty as the original, but it's still pretty good. It's slightly annoying to hear them swear more often then they normally did, and Haggard seems like a new person (I liked the old Haggard better).