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I mean, you know, I think they were as forthcoming with information as they could be. GRACE: No, I can read the black and white letter of the law. I would ask any of these people who`ve been making these statements about punishment not being any good, and need for therapy, and spending too much money to attempt to apply that logic to bank robbery, murder or terrorism. Edward Dougherty, I truly, after prosecuting child molestation cases, do not believe that pedophiles can be rehabilitated.I don`t think that it`s anything that the students neglected to give. We create a lot of expectation, and we feed on anger. EDWARD DOUGHERTY, PSYCHOLOGIST: Yes, Nancy, I agree with you.James Kolar, who worked as an investigator in the DA's Office under Lacy, publishes his book "Foreign Faction — Who Really Kidnapped Jon Benet?", casting doubt on the involvement in the case of an intruder and asserting that each member of the Ramsey family in the house "may have been involved at least as an accessory after the fact" ( The Daily Camera reports for the first time that the grand jury investigating Jon Benet's death in 19 had secretly voted to indict both John and Patsy Ramsey on charges of child abuse resulting in death — but then-DA Alex Hunter refused to sign the indictment, believing he could not prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt ( Article. Jon Benet's parents: How an indictment became an "exoneration." In-depth discussion of the 1999 grand jury indictment and DA Mary Lacy's subsequent exoneration of the Ramseys in 2008. Judge rules that the court will release grand jury indictment about the Ramseys. In response to a lawsuit brought by Daily Camera reporter Charlie Brennan and the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, a judge unseals the unprosecuted grand jury indictments in the Ramsey case ( case timeline).Aruban investigators travel to Alabama to interview 21 friends with Natalee the night she went missing off her high school senior trip to Aruba nearly a year ago. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Natalee was only with Joran towards the end of the night. GEORGE "JUG" TWITTY, NATALEE HOLLOWAY`S STEPFATHER: The reason there`s no evidence is because the people didn`t do the right thing in the beginning. PAT LALAMA, INVESTIGATIVE REPORTER: Boy, I`ll tell you what. They`re going to be bringing in new kind of equipment so that they can go deeper into new areas. Even the cops down there admit there are inconsistencies in the stories of the witnesses. But why are Aruban officials just getting to the U. GRACE: I`m hearing in my ear we are now being joined by Natalee`s mother. BETH HOLLOWAY TWITTY: Nancy, I wish I could answer that.And based on a brand-new tip, police now launch a search of the western tip of the island. Everyone was getting in taxis at the same time, and it was really chaotic. And I want the prosecutor or somebody to step up and say, Look, we made a mistake. I should have just stayed home and this wouldn`t have happened to me. The way I characterize it, we`ve got big old jumper cables attached to this case because it`s gotten new life again, and hopefully, some sort of resolution to it. They want to come back, cross the T`s, fill in the gaps. You know her well, a tireless crusader in the search for her daughter. You know, the best I can tell is -- you know, they`ve always said there`s been some holes in some of the students` statements that were made early on, and what they want to do is see if they go through here, fill in the holes, and from what I`m hearing is, hopefully, this will lay the foundation that they can proceed further in this investigation and go after these three suspects. to Alison Arngrim, with the National Association to Protect Children, Alison -- as you may know her as Nellie, like I do, from being the star of "Little House on the Prairie" -- Alison also a child molestation victim -- Alison, when you hear these judges sentences, your skin must crawl.On the night after Christmas 1996, six-year-old beauty queen Jon Benet Ramsey was beaten in the head, strangled, and possibly sexually assaulted.Her lifeless body was left on the basement floor of her home.

According to Internet poster Candy, the May 14 issue of National Enquirer reports that John Ramsey has been dating Beth Twitty, the mother of Natalee Holloway, a high school girl who went missing on Aruba in May 2005 during a graduation trip; Ramsey and Twitty reportedly met in late 2006 at a Nashville speakers bureau.And tonight: Three judges in contempt for letting child molesters walk free, no hard jail time. JORAN VAN DER SLOOT, ARRESTED AND RELEASED IN HOLLOWAY CASE: She was drunk. ARLENE ELLIS-SCHIPPER, ARUBAN ATTORNEY: God forbid that they cannot determine what criminal offense has been committed. BETH HOLLOWAY TWITTY: We will not let this go until we take Natalee home. (END VIDEO CLIP) GRACE: Can the case of this girl, Natalee Holloway, be solved nearly one year later? And will all of this put together, perhaps something new and maybe an answered prayer for this poor family. GRACE: Now, Beth, when you have spoken with Natalee`s friends, what have they told you about the night she went missing? ALISON ARNGRIM, MOLESTATION VICTIM: I`m appalled but not surprised in the least. I know of about several more judges than the three you`ve mentioned. We`re also seeing a terrible problem with prosecutors, Nancy, who, unlike you, are walking people every day.Tiny steps, baby steps, but could they have a giant impact in the investigation or a disappearance of a U. BETH HOLLOWAY TWITTY: Nancy, they haven`t told me anything different today as they did July the 29th, that first time I came home. Less than 5 percent of cases even wind up before these judges. You have a mindset where people really don`t think that crimes against children are deserving of the same level of justice as other crimes.Additionally, Beckner announces formation of a new task force to take a fresh look at the case, which is to include representatives from the FBI, Colorado Bureau of Investigation and the Colorado Attorney General's Office (. Detective Smit died in Colorado Springs at age 75 of colon cancer.September 2010 | Police Seek to Re-interview Burke Ramsey.