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The crimes that eventually led to the issuance of the warrants include arson, possession of a controlled substance, and failure to follow the orders of the court.

Documents filed with Companies House show that the company, of which Mr Trotter snr has been a director for 22 years, has often filed profits of more than £130,000 in the past decade.Mr Trotter and partner of eight years Nicky Ottaway said they celebrated their win with two bottles of Budweiser beer on Friday night, before they spent a restless night excitedly contemplating how their lives would change.He said his former partner, and mother to his 10-year-old daughter, texted him after she learned of his good fortune while on honeymoon in Mexico with her new husband, who works for Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone.He was so confident he would win he told staff at his father's office on Friday lunchtime, 'this time tomorrow' he would be a multi-millionaire.His lucky ticket made him the National Lottery's fourth biggest winner This would bring him shoulder-to-shoulder with his businessman father, who already has a modest fleet of luxury cars on his drive.